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IDR 1,110,000.00

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FIREEAGLE is inspired by the mighty bird of prey that has strong and sharp visual acuity, broad wings, further flight and strong killer instinct."

This signature product is made of a unique combination of solid rosewood - mahogany - teakwood through detailed veneer cutting process, resulting a light - durable - flexible riding gear.

The frame is complemented with 100 PERCENT UV PROTECTION lenses, make it safe for day and night ride.

The temple is designed to be slim and straight to make it perfectly easily slipped in and COMPATIBLE FOR ANY HELMET. Also, it is guaranteed not to hurt your nasal and temporal bones.

The features included fully covered winger side guard made of genuine leather material as an excellent WIND AND DUST REPELLENT and equipped with precise vision hole to keep the eyesight clear during the ride.

All the natural materials made the FIRESHADES will be AGING PERFECTLY THROUGH USAGE.

We keep the promise that FIRE product is BUILT BY MAN - NOT MACHINE.

Caution! This gear will make you on FIRE

Frame : 150 x 49 x 7 mm
Lenses : 55 x 44 mm
Temple : 132 x 10 x 4 mm
Winger : 85 x 29 x 2 mm
Weight : 27 g